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1F is a sports bar. You can watch the Hiroshima Carp and various sports on a large monitor 
while eating and drinking.
Let's cheer on Hiroshima's sports together!
In addition, guests can order here and eat and drink in the 2F livingroom.
A huge livingroom where you can deepen exchanges with memories of your trip has become one of our attractions.
OPEN 20:00/CLOSE 24:00

※ Business hours vary depending on the Hiroshima Carp Games.

Alcohol: ALL 500 yen
Soft drink: ALL 300 yen
Food: A variety of delicacies such as "Setouchi lemon fried squid" from Hiroshima, 
"cheese platter" and snacks.
We offer a weekend-limited menus such as "Okonomiyaki" and fried foods.